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Rental Policies

Wedding/Party Policies

  • A deposit is required for all rental items.
  • Inflatables: NO refund of deposit due to any cancellations. We may choose (depending on circumstances) to give the customer another date.
  • Prices given on our rental items are for a per day / per item charge.
  • There may be situations that require rescheduling of rental items due to weather; these situations will each be considered on an individual basis and dealt with according to the availability and scheduling of All Seasons Rental. Please understand that when an item is reserved for an event and the event is cancelled, we cannot refund the deposit as other customers have called to reserve the same item and we will, therefore, have lost rentals.
  • Delivery of the rented items is available. If we need to schedule delivery of rented items, please be sure to request a quote for the delivery charge. Our delivery charges are based on distance and volume of order. We assure that we will be fair in charging a reasonable delivery fee, if that service is requested.
  • Special containers are provided for china, silver, and glassware to ensure that items are received and ready. Our delivery personnel are instructed to neatly stack all items in a mutually convenient place on delivery. Our count must be accepted unless we are notified prior to events and use.
  • All china, silver, utensils, etc. should be rinsed free of food and replaced in the same containers as delivered. Linen should be free of food and dry to prevent mildew and staining. Tables and chairs must be taken down and stacked, ready for pick up. Wax must be removed from candelabras or any other item it is melted to. All items must be assembled in a single location ready for pick up. Items not meeting these conditions are subject to additional fees.
  • Set up and take down services are available at a reasonable additional cost if arranged for in advance. If no arrangements are made and this service is desired on delivery, our drivers must call for authorization.
  • Responsibility for equipment remains with the lessor from the time of delivery / pick up to the time of return by the customer or until we pick up rented items. Please be sure equipment is secured when not in use and protected from the weather. We DO charge for missing, broken, chipped, burned, or damaged items. Please take care of rented items as if they are personal items. Thank You!

Construction/Homeowner Policies

  • Reservations -
    We reserve any piece of equipment with a 30% deposit. If the reservation is not canceled within 24 hours before scheduled pick up time, the deposit is retained.
  • Trailers -
    Some equipment comes with a trailer free of charge (when available). All of our trailers require a 2" ball with appropriate bumper/hitch.
  • Deposits -
    Some of our equipment requires a deposit. Amount of deposits depends on equipment.
  • Delivery -
    Delivery upon request.
    * There is an additional charge. Price of delivery depends on location of delivery.
  • Daily Rates -
    Daily rates are considered 24 hour rental during the week. 
    * Pick up on 12:00 p.m. Monday... due back Tuesday at 12:00 p.m.
  • Four Hour Rates -
    Four hour Rates means four hours from the time of pick up. 
    * Item is rented at 12:00p.m. ..item is due back at 4:00 p.m.
  • Weekend Rates -
    From Saturday to Monday morning by 9:00 am is a 1 day charge. 
    * Pick up at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday - one day rental until Monday morning by 9:00 a.m.
  • Equipment with Hour Meters -
    Every customer is allowed 8 hrs. meter usage per paid day.
    * 2 paid days is 16 hours... etc.
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